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pain de seigle - rye bread

Postby georgem » Mon May 31, 2010 3:50 pm

I have long had an interest in baking using natural yeast (sourdough) and love rye bread. Normally i add vital wheat gluten to get more rise out of the bread. Typical recipe is for 60% rye at 70% hydration.

However i saw this video:

click on seigle sur levain

and decided to try it based on 500 gr flour

here is my formula - its slightly different from the video

white flour - 135 gr

light rye - 325 gr

rye meal/dark rye - 40 gr

salt 6 gr

water - 380 gr

yeast - 2 pinches

Day 1 - take 40 gr of your white sourdough starter (100% hydration) and add 71 gr white flour and 44 gr water - leave to rise and retard in fridge so it doesn't go "over"

take 44 gr white flour add 2 pinches of yeast ( i used ordinary dried yeast not the fast acting stuff) and 44 gr water. Leave to rise till bubbly and not doubled and retard in fridge

Day 2

dump the white levain and yeast stuff into a bowl and add:

the rye flor and salt and 292 gr water.

Mix well - use a stand mixer if you want - I just stirred with a strong knife for several minutes. waited 10 minutes and repeated.

No real kneading involve - have read working rye flour alot messes it up.

Leave to rise till double - watch the video to see how lightly they handle the dough - iow - do not knock it back - treat gently.

form into a boule - see video again

place in banneton - preferably linen lined - I just put a linen cloth in mine.

leave to rise till not quite doubled - turn out and bake 10 mins gas mark 9 - not sure what 0C that is and put some boiling water into a container that has been heating for about 1and a half hours at top temp - Cast isron is best -i use roasting tray filled with cast iron weights - this gives good steam

after 10 min bake for another hour at gas 7

result - i was delighted structe not a open as when i use gluten but still some irregular holes

taste not sour but not yeasty either

crust dark as in the video but w/o the gorgeous splitting patterns they acheived. nice caramel taste

do i miss the caraway - a bit but its a nice change

experiment - next will make a rye levain and still use yeast

then try white levain no yeast

and rye levain no yeast and see how they pan out.
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Postby wheels » Mon May 31, 2010 4:30 pm

Great link :D

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Postby wheels » Mon May 31, 2010 5:15 pm

I love the vids on there with different styles of rolls - I off to make some now!

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