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Fast Fermented

Postby ericrice » Tue Sep 25, 2012 4:20 pm

As it get closer to the cold season around here my "itch" to start making some dry cured products is kicking into high gear. Unfortunately I still have about 2 months to wait until the weather cools down enough. Not sure why I haven't done this more in the off season but in Marinski's book they detail how to convert any recipe from a dry cure to fast fermented. Produced pepperoni last year based on their example with pretty good results and then did some genoa I was also happy with. End result (obviously) is more like the mass produced product in the supermarkets but still better than nothing :) Now thinking of trying additional recipes while I wait for the weather to cool down. Has anyone had any extensive experience with fast fermented product? If so any other downsides/pitfalls to speak of other than an inferior product?
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