Mold harvesting question

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Mold harvesting question

Postby ThisGuy » Tue Feb 12, 2013 4:09 am

Hello everyone.
I have been working at a restaurant for a while now and we do a lot of curing mainly coppa but we have done prosciutto different salamis and alot of others. We have also started dong some serious dry aging of uncured meat. At the moment we have a bone in beef ribeye section from a local farmer that will be at almost 140 days next week. It is completely covered in white crusty good looking mold that looks very similar to the mold I have seen in our drying chamber.

So would there be any concerns anyone could think of with harvesting this for use on some salami?
It is sitting in our main walk in so obviously colder than our drying chamber (dont know if temprature affects what types of molds can grow) and It hasn't been inoculated with any sort of culture so it's wild.... But it looks awsome.

Any thoughts would be appreciated. Plan is to try it on some pepperoni once I get my curing chamber set up at my house not trying to do any experiments at work. <---there is a picture of the mold if your wondering about the waxy looking stuff it is suet
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