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Postby BriCan » Wed Feb 24, 2016 4:13 pm

Shuswap wrote:
BriCan wrote:
I did not know things I wrote about was that popular with folks, let alone people only 5 hours away from me :oops:

Waltch your six Robert - I'm nearby eastward and Redzed is nearby westward :)

Piggy in the middle comes to mind :shock: --- Redzed said he will be coming over to the mainland tomorrow and would try and stop by

The only person I'm aware of that reduces the amount of cure but extends the time in the brine is Pops over on the smoking meat forum

Thanks --reading for later ;)

Only time I split salt/cure is when doing a EQ cured ham, I find that I am not wasting salt/cure if I apply all at once hence I split salt/cure in half and apply yo leg, wrap in food grade plastic and leave for 14 days - rinse - re-apply remainder of the salt/cure and leave for a further 14 days[/quo]te

Thanks Brican

Glad to have set that strait :)
But what do I know
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