Using the Multi-quote Feature

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Using the Multi-quote Feature

Postby vagreys » Fri Feb 22, 2013 8:27 pm

In the old forum, if you were replying to a long thread and there were several points you wanted to address from different posts in the thread, you either had to reply to each one separately in order to quote them, or you had to go through hoops to get all the quotes into one reply of your own. or you had to type out each quote, manually, in your own reply. In phpBB3, we have the ability to quote multiple replies in a thread, within a single reply, which saves you time and keeps the thread shorter.

To multi-quote, you need to reply using the [Post Reply] button. You cannot multi-quote, directly, using the [Quick Reply] button. So, click on [Post Reply], and it will take you to a new reply window. Below the reply window is a section with check boxes for your post options. Below the post options is a section called Topic Review, with all the previous posts in the thread. In the top right corner of each post in the topic review is a [Quote] button. When you click on a [Quote] button, that post is quoted in your reply. You can quote from as many of the other posts as you like.

If someone posts while you are composing your own reply, when you first attempt to submit your reply you will be notified and have a chance to review the new post(s) and update your own reply before finalizing and submitting it. Multi-quote makes quick work of replying to multiple posts in a thread. Give it a try.

I prefer to quote as I go, editing the quote down to the point(s) to which I want to reply, composing my reply to those points, then quoting the next point I want to address, and so on. Please do not quote posts in their entirety, unless you cannot edit them down and keep the quote in context; it takes extra space and doesn't contribute to your reply. Include only that portion of the post necessary to keep the quote in context for your comments.
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