Ancient Roman Sausage Recipe

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Ancient Roman Sausage Recipe

Postby johnfb » Mon Jan 19, 2009 8:36 pm

Found this on the web while surfing...anyone care to try it out? ... ge/recipe/

Ancient Roman Sausage Recipe

2 tsps dried savory .
1 lb pork belly, minced .
1 quart grape juice .
1 tsp ground black pepper .
2 tbsps pine nuts .
2 tbsps anchovy paste .
Modern Garum Fish Sauce .
20 black peppercorns .
1/8 tsp oregano .
3 tbsps fish sauce .
6 (12 inch) sausage casings .
2 tsps sliced fresh parsley .
1 tsp ground cumin .
1 tsp sliced fresh rue, see note


Step #1 Notes: MISSING INGREDIENT 30 bayberries.
Step #2 The zaar computer won't take it.
Step #3 The original recipe read 1 tsp fresh or dried rue.
Step #4 The ratio of herbs is 1:3 [dried:fresh] You may also try 3 tsp of rue to 1 tsp of dried.
Step #5 Add to suit.
Step #6 ALSO NOTE: The fish sauce used is Roman Fish sauce NOT Oriental.
Step #7 Next you need sausage skins or casings.
Step #8 Your butcher can supply you with these.
Step #9 Process all the ingredients except the skins or casings.
Step #10 A food processor/blender works.
Step #11 If you are using fresh skins, wash them & preserve in salt.
Step #12 Again your butcher can explain what you need to do.
Step #13 Ask them.
Step #14 Tie a knot in the end of each one.
Step #15 Put a 1/2 inch plain tube in a piping bag & 1/2 fill with the mixture; do not put too much in at one time or it will be difficult to squeeze.
Step #16 Take the open end of the skin, pull it over the tube & push down repeatedly until the majority of the skin sits like a collar half way down the tube.
Step #17 Grip this with your finger & thumb & slowly release the skin as you squeeze the bag.
Step #18 Stop squeezing well before the skin runs out, leaving 2-3 inches of skin to allow for shrinkage.
Step #19 When finished twist each sausage into 4 lenghts or your prefered segments.
Step #20 Optional but authentic:.
Step #21 Smoke the sausages.
Step #22 If you do not have a smoker:.
Step #23 This can be a fireplace recipe.
Step #24 Simply hand them above the mantal for several hrs while burning wood.
Step #25 Use a BBQ also.
Step #26 Use wood chips & suspend 12 inches above the fire for at least an hr.
Step #27 To make cut up & grill over med-heat/flame.
Step #28 When done the sausage should no longer be pink inside.
Step #29 Times may vary.
Step #30 Check a sausage to make sure.
Step #31 Modern Garum Fish Sauce Recipe:.
Step #32 Reduce the Grape Juice to 1/10 of original volume.
Step #33 Add 2 tbsp anchovy paste & oregano.
Step #34 Use as directed.
Step #35 Ancient Garum or Fish sauce Recipe.
Step #37 Use fatty fish [ie.
Step #38 sardines] & a well-sealed (pitched) container with a 26-35 quart capacity.
Step #39 Add dried, aromatic herbs possessing a strong flavor, fennel, oregano, such as dill, celery, mint, & others, coriander, making a layer on the bottom of the container.
Step #40 Put down a layer of fish (if small, if large, leave them whole, use pieces) & over this, add a layer of salt two fingers high.
Step #41 Repeat these layers until the container is filled.
Step #42 Let it rest for seven days in the sun.
Step #43 Then mix the sauce daily for 20 days.
Step #44 After that, it becomes a liquid From: Gargilius Martialis, De medicina et de virtute herbarum.
Enjoy the Ancient Roman Sausage recipe
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Postby saucisson » Mon Jan 19, 2009 9:30 pm

That must be a typo surely? 1lb pork ?

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Postby Hangin_Salami » Tue Jan 20, 2009 2:17 am

lol i was thinking the exact same thing.
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