Smoked Salmon "Pepperoni"

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Smoked Salmon "Pepperoni"

Postby Dogfish » Mon Oct 21, 2013 11:57 pm

I made this using dark chum salmon (keta, dog). This is great for estuary fish or boot salmon on the west coast. Ends up with the texture of lean turkey kielbasa and the flavour of smoked salmon.

Per 4.5 kg deboned salmon with fat attached (works as a strong binder):

-- 275 gm brown sugar
-- 127 gm coarse salt
-- 48 gm Morton Tender Quick (I used cure and recommend it because the fish will be ground)
-- 1 gm cinnamon
-- .25 gm clove
-- .5 gm nutmeg
-- 2 gm garlic powder
-- 2 gm black pepper
-- 1 gm Hys Seasoning Salt (MSG would work too)

Rub well into fish, brine over night, chop and grind, then pack into thin casings. Cold smoke 12 hours and finish in cracked oven at 170. ... 520032.JPG

Ingredients assembled. ... 520034.JPG

The mix. ... 520037.JPG

Curing. ... 520051.JPG

Grinding. Looks just like poultry. ... 520052.JPG

Finished raw top right (chorizo, jerk). ... 520054.JPG

On the smoke. ... 520054.JPG

Finished. ... 520063.JPG

Gratuitous texture. This is nice stuff that doesn't need a binder.
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