DunElm (uk outlet) clearance section, Thermal contaners

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DunElm (uk outlet) clearance section, Thermal contaners

Postby GUS » Tue Apr 28, 2015 8:26 am

Don't know if this is any use for folk, however, was browsing locally the other day & found in the clearance.

"Bamboo" 0.6 litre bento boxes (thermal walls, leak proof IF you take care loading / wiping sealed edges) for £2.45 ..ok they were the kids version (with japanese hipster type cartoon graphics on them, .which I liked)
(Note: 5 mins microwaveable without lid on)

& Thermos brand stainless steel vacuum for around £4.50, 290ml food flask (looks like an old version without a knurled, therefore slippy smooth lid) ..if you are chowing "leftovers" or bagging up lunches & doggybags for others.

Longshot I know with folk scratching their heads, as to use within their set ups, but I find I can never have enough thermally lined containers & wot-nots which get put to use (even outside of a bbq "baste" lifestyle) :wink:

Might be worth a look if you are passing.
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