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Corn Syrup Solids question?

PostPosted: Wed Sep 09, 2015 2:09 pm
by johngaltsmotor
Hoping someone else with a bit more experience can enlighten me...
I've got a bag of corn syrup solids. I opened it a while ago and used some. I simply resealed the zipper top bag (bad move, should have portioned it and vac-packed it). So since the bag let in humidity I now have this hard partially re-hydrated chunk of corn syrup (not quite) solids.

1) is it at all usable? Should I simply add more water to fully rehydrate it and use it when recipes call for corn syrup?
2) In looking for more info on Corn Syrup Solids everyone says it is essentially pure dextrose (with 10% moisture remaining). So what purpose does CSS serve in a dry cured sausage recipe that also includes Dextrose? :?:
Are they interchangable (with the correct ratio)? I've got plenty of Dextrose on hand which stores quite easily so I hate to buy more CSS if I can substitute the Dextrose without any change in the finished product.