Hello from a new member and an excite prospective meat curer

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Hello from a new member and an excite prospective meat curer

Postby Sam3 » Tue Dec 19, 2017 5:54 pm

Good evening everyone. first of all i would love to say how excited i am to have found this forum, and how much i am looking forward to starting my journey into making cured meats, and eventually smoking meats as well.

My name is Sam, you might have guessed lol, and i am from outside of Marlborough in Wiltshire, any local members feel free to say hello, I am an keen deer stalker and its my intentions to use mostly venison in my curing chamber once i get it up and running, i will submit a post in the relevant section, explaining my intentions and what equipment i have already got and what i intend to purchase to build my chamber, and will appreciate all comments and guidance.

My wife and i recently have moved to Wiltshire from Somerset, where we had a small holding, on which we specialized in rearing rare breed OSB (Oxford Sandy & Black Pigs), and were awarded a Compassion In World Farming award for our animal husbandry and welfare standards, so feel free to ask me nay piggie questions, and i will try to help the best i can.

Ok that is enough for now, apart to say again, i am looking forward to to learning a lot from the members on here, and a word of warning, that i am not behind the door when nit comes to asking questions, loads of them and maybe some very stupid ones as well.

Regards Sam
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Re: Hello from a new member and an excite prospective meat c

Postby NCPaul » Tue Dec 19, 2017 7:59 pm

Welcome to the forum. :D
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