Texture Problem with smoked sausage

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Texture Problem with smoked sausage

Postby rugbywaz » Mon Oct 25, 2004 12:47 am


I have a texture problem with my smoked sausage. Made a batch of polish sausage using whole pork butts (20lbs) and a few lbs of beef (4 lbs).
Added appropriate spices, prauge powder and soy concentrate. Smoked starting at 100 degrees and raising every hour till a smoker temp of 160-165 degrees was reached (used one pan of hickory saw dust). Smoked for 6-8 hours until internal temp of 152 degrees was reached.

Problem is that the sausage has great flavor, looks to be moist but has a grainy texture (saw dust like) and impacts a dry flavor in the mouth. The sausage also appears like it did not bind/melt together like it did during previous attempts. Not sure what I did wrong. The sausage looks good although it did shrink more than usual. Bloom is a perfect dark red, while the flavor is excellent.

I can only think that either I was smoking to hot, to long, or I did not use enough soy concentrate for binding purposes.

I would appretaite any advice or ideas concerning what went wrong.


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Postby Oddley » Mon Oct 25, 2004 1:33 am

What type of sausage are you making M8? If it is the emulsion type that probably is your problem. It's very difficult to answer your question without giving us a clue to the recipe you are using.

If this seems ureasonable I really don't see what we can do. I know that some people like to keep their recipies secret because of commercial reasons thats ok. But if you want help unfortunatly you will have to post it.
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