Southernmost bar in the world

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Southernmost bar in the world

Postby grisell » Sat Jun 25, 2011 4:41 am

Sorry guys, I was a little bored. This is old stuff. :(

This is the southernmost bar in the world. At 89 degrees, 89' 58" South, it's just 40 meters from the earth's axis. They had a BYO policy, so there was no service. The bar is divided into three time zones, marked on the floor. Actually, the clock is a special thing around the poles. Since one day or night is half a year long, one can adapt any time. They use new zeeland time in the summer and change to US time in winter. BTW, navigation near the poles used to be a terribly difficult business. Magnet compasses don't work well because of a 100-200 degree deviation. Gyro compass can't be used since its principle relies on earth's rotational momentum which evidently is zero on the poles. With today's technique, spotting the Pole within millimeters is no deal.


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