Thoughts and Suggestions for my Curing Chamber

Where to buy, how to use. Stuffers, casings, spices, grinders, etc.

Thoughts and Suggestions for my Curing Chamber

Postby mykafone » Wed Oct 31, 2012 4:32 pm

First of all I know a fridge is not the best option, but its what I have.

Most of the stuff seperating the freezer from the fridge has been removed including the fan. All cooling is done by the exposed freezer coil.

I have digitaly controlled temp and RH. I have a fan mounted in the top portion of the freezer. It is connected to a 12v output power supply and a 25ohm rheostat.

So far tests show it keeps temps within 3° and the RH usually spikes about 10° and then starts dropping slowly.

I am wondering about ventalation. Should I cut a hole in the freezer door behind the fan?

Real shelves are going to be installed this weekend.

All suggestions are welcomed.

This is a wide view of the fridge.

This is looking at the freezer coil from the top

this is looking up at the freezer from the bottom fridge portion.

what you see hanging is 6 pieces of lardo, 2 of which have some belly still on em!
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