Chopping board materials

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Chopping board materials

Postby petertr » Thu Feb 14, 2013 11:39 am

Trying to choose a set of 1/2 inch chopping boards - 18x12inch or thereabouts, and probably colour coded. Want ones that won't warp!
Wondered what others had found to work well.

Most suitable (for us) seem to be made of wood; bamboo; HDPE or LDPE (High or Low Density PolyEthelyne).

Wood / Bamboo: Quite happy with that (will keep 2inch hardwood block for heavey work), but don't have room for a set of thick ones (thin prone to warping?) and not colourcoded.

HDPE: Seem the best but are expensive.
LDPE: Scratches much deeper than HDPE.

Polycarbonate: Some made of 'high resistant polycarbonate' seem a reasonable price, but I can't find any reviews. They are NOT dishwasher safe, does this mean hot tap water might cause warping?

Marble / glass / ceramic : Ruled these out as we like our knives sharp.

Resin packaged (natural ??) materials: Have only seen these in grey or black. Meant to not damage knives but quite a few poor reviews saying lots of black bits coming off.
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Re: Chopping board materials

Postby JerBear » Sat Feb 16, 2013 5:32 am

I'm a fan of wood. I've got one bamboo board and it's just ok and prefer the ones made in "end-grain" style. The composite resin boards made by Epicurian are wood based, dishwasher safe (mines hasn't warped and it's gone through the dishwasher countless times). My only complaint is that they feel somewhat similar to the glass/marble family because they're so hard. Generally I prefer not to use it but my wife loves it due to the dishwasher safe part.

I've seen many many warped plastic boards but the thicker they are the more resistant they are.
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Re: Chopping board materials

Postby onewheeler » Sat Feb 16, 2013 1:56 pm

I like these flexmats a lot:

Despite the reviews the only time I've cut through them is when using a big chopper. They are incredibly tough. Ours have lasted at least two years so far.

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