Questions on stuffers and plate sizes

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Questions on stuffers and plate sizes

Postby Sam » Mon Oct 11, 2004 4:54 am

We have a meat grinder from my recently deceased father's butcher shop that he used to grind and stuff sausage. He made great sausage, and we have his recipes. He would use a funnel attachment to stuff the sausage manually. It requires a bit of skill to get a uniform consistency, and to not burst the casing. Needless to say, we're very much lacking in those skills. Can you put an automatic stuffer attachment on to the grinder? If such attachments exist, can you point me to them?

My second question involves the plate my father used for stuffing. It's a coarse grind plate, but I'm not sure what the specific size is. While I loved the flavor of my father's sausage, I would too often bite into large chunks of fat. It wasnt that he used too much fat, in fact his sausage was leaner than most. I think the reason for this was that he used too coarse of a grind. He would also grind the sausage only twice. Are there plates out there that ofter a semi-course grind, for lack of a better term? Also, would grinding the sausage three times be advisable to get a smoother consistency? Thank you for your feedback

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