Help a beginer please

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Help a beginer please

Postby robin » Mon Oct 18, 2004 3:45 pm


I've just ordered a kit for dry curing bacon from this Web site. I was planing to have a go at curing some belly pork but are there any other cuts of meat that anyone would recommend for leaner bacon. Im trying to lose some weight ! Also is it best to remove the rind before curing ?

If this works out OK I might have a go at some sausages Can anyone recommend the combined electric mincer/filler on this web site please? Is it easy to use and keep clean. Is it reliable ?

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Postby Oddley » Mon Oct 18, 2004 4:10 pm

Hi Robin welcome to the forum. I'm in the proccess of curing my first bit of bacon useing Franco's Traditional cure. Like you I'm trying it first on a pieace of belly. I left the rind on.

I believe you can cure any part of the pigs carcass. A quite lean cut is back. You know the pork chop part, you can buy the whole piece and get your butcher to bone it out, or do it yourself.

As long as you follow the Instructions that come with the cure and wheigh up the cure accuratly you will be safe.

Funny you should mention losing wieght I'm on a diet also but as it is calorie controlled (by me 1500 a day) I can eat what I want. Lost 9lbs at the moment.

As for the mincer I don't know don't have one of Franco's.
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