WhIch chamber wine cooler vs fridge

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WhIch chamber wine cooler vs fridge

Postby Aztrix55 » Mon Sep 10, 2012 9:28 am

G'day all.
Wine cooler vs fridge. I have both not sure which one I should use. Size is not that important due to I would not make sausages only one larger cut. I make my sausages in winter and hang them in garage and they cure great. But would like to be able to make during warmer months. Currently the fridge sits at 16deg cel with a steady 75%. The wine cooler sits on 13 and 55%. Believe or not both of these units are not plugged in and have no humidifiers. Due to I don't know which one I should start modifying. I'm thinking fridge needs more work such as thermo,hygro,lights and fans. Cooler is smaller so would I need to have hyrgostat and humidifier. Temp isn't a issue with cooler it has a range of 7 to 22.
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