pre-existing shed Brick built smoker conversion.

pre-existing shed Brick built smoker conversion.

Postby GUS » Sat Jun 01, 2013 12:49 pm

This is a for the long haul idea,but figured i'd sound it out.

I have a woodshed, single skin brick tiled & roofed area.
When i say shed it's not more like a pallet on the fllor in space (or less, door opening straight onto raised area for air circuation (drying flow from below).

I'd actually like to make it eventually a hot & cold smoker unit & am wondering what to line it out with in terms of sheet metal in order that it can be if needed dual use.
overall height (guestimated0 is 8 ft floor to roof, (though i'd insulate the roof & guide smoke out the top side instead of interfering with tiling etc.

just seems the perfect place (with a few downsides that can be negated with little effort & within a few feet of the front door0.
My biggest concern right now would be the chimney run of around 9 ft to get it out of a turbulant zone.
it's a house door (or mores width & depth, so minimal construction alteration, merely lining out & hanging rails for hooks etc, ..after i've got the hang of initial smoking within in my home office workshop area.

will post up a pic shortly for some advice.

Outside influences maybe pressure equalisation due to proximity to the neighbours "technically" illegal heating outlet, to which, if encountered i'd implement a computer fan, forced air set up.

it's south facing, but mostly obscured by next door so shaded most of the time.
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Re: pre-existing shed Brick built smoker conversion.

Postby quietwatersfarm » Sat Jun 01, 2013 4:38 pm

Brick internal walls are best. They cake up the best.

Your neighbours heating outlet sounds a worry though - you don't want gas or oil boiler fumes in there!

maybe a longer intake pipe from your firebox elsewhere will deal with that?
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