Convert refrigerator to smoker?

Convert refrigerator to smoker?

Postby FreezerFull » Sat Sep 14, 2013 2:14 pm

I have been using a small (20lb) electric smoker from TheSausageMaker (New York) for maybe 12 years now, and it is time to think bigger. I have acquired a nice, non-functional refrigerator, narrow (24" wide) and tall (66" tall) with a lower freezer compartment. I'm thinking of converting this to a smoker using the lower freezer compartment for smoke generation and the upper for the meat.
Since the inner walls are plastic, I am planning on lining them with aluminum flashing (most posts here suggest steel, but I already have aluminum). Any particular concerns about aluminum?
I will also plan to install independent controls for electric burners in both compartments for meat compartment temperature (I installed a thermostatted control on my smaller smoker) and smoke generation. Any suggestions for a good and less expensive thermostat/temperature control unit? In commercial electric smokers it seems that smaller units are run here on 110v, whereas larger units are 220v. Any comments on the power needed to heat and control the temperature in this size unit? Can I get away with standard 110v? I am not an electrician, and my better half has witnessed some of my wiring experiments.....keeps her up at nights.
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Re: Convert refrigerator to smoker?

Postby crustyo44 » Sat Sep 14, 2013 10:15 pm

How are you going to produce smoke, internally or externally? and hot or cold smoke?
You need plenty of adjustable ventilation on the inlet and outlet so the smoke gets vented rather quick and doesn't become stale and sooty.
If you have decided how you intend to smoke than get into the heating and explore every way available.
Keep it simple is the best.
No doubt this forum has already some valuable information as well as other forums , You Tube etc etc.
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