Intermediate smoker plans tall & slim right / wrong?

Re: Intermediate smoker plans tall & slim right / wrong?

Postby GUS » Thu Dec 26, 2013 3:38 pm

simple, overlooked, everyday commodity, genius.

Sadly only have a redundant & somwhat contemptible gas grille, wishing a few times over i'd got a water smoker or similar, years ago, else i'd not be in this pickle, wife wll not tolerate another bbq looking item at this current time, i'd get a pizza / bread oven past her far more easily. :wink:
The other thing being more weather (wind) control if I can have it inside with venting outdoors, we get truly rammed by gales here, so nipping out to check a smoker at all hours compared to padding down barefoot into the workshop is no brainer for me.
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