Glastonbury cheddar (Waitrose)

Glastonbury cheddar (Waitrose)

Postby GUS » Tue Aug 19, 2014 9:03 am

Popped in yesterday it was on a reduced to £1.00 per 100g via the cheese counter.

Not being a cheese i've seen reduced before I had not tried it, now it has lured me in.

No, i have not smoked any yet, suffice to say I was that impressed with the stuff, it is clearly a mature well rounded flavoured cheese, which appreciates a bit of time on the tongue to bring the flavour out, ..which it does well, but without any of the saltiness or crystalline aspect of many stronger cheddar's (though i'm no afficienado). ..a flood of flavours (imho).

Ignore it at your peril, I heartily recommend snapping some up, it appears to be a regular in there. (black wax surround).

I'm only going to smoke a wee portion of this based on what it already delivers tastewise, adhering to the mantra of " the cheaper the cheese..." etc.
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