First taste test for xl csg

First taste test for xl csg

Postby GUS » Sun Dec 21, 2014 10:19 pm

Wife had another cheese & biscuit feast at work the other day, the value brie I set going recently was ready, ..the best yet, i'm having a hard time staying away from it. (xl csg)

Ditto the numerous kg's of mozzerella, as there was "so much" :roll: & I ws a bit wary as to how the xl was performing ..whether it was smoke overkill or not, we just crossed the "useable" border in time, was caned.

Which brings me to the crux, the mozz in the last few tests was sharp & acidic smokey, then changed within 9 days for taste trial number 3, so maturation is possibly requiring an extra time compared to regular csg.
(though I do need to check my notes, I recall it being wrapped on the 17th November) & stored at between 1 & 3 C in the fridge.

So exactly a month later it was good to go, but imho still warranted a few more weeks, no complaints from the cheese gobblers though.

The smoked butter smells as if it has a long way to go (smoked at the same time, less smoke duration) the container is very smokey still ..will test tomorrow
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