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For anyone contemplating a kit smoker from offcuts..

PostPosted: Mon Feb 23, 2015 3:04 pm
by GUS
These may be of use, working out around 50p per unit, could make some project work & assembly (even temporary assembly) much simpler indeed.

I am going to try some out when they arrive on a variety of products, namely insulation & OSB pieces, look better than the locking mechanism I used last year on an adhoc upright collapsible smoker.
(made in scotland too)

in my eyes they are likely good for manouverable pop out panels, where access is needed for slippery or long stuff in a cold smoke scenario, though I have grander ideas non food related.

butif anyone is demo-ing smoking flat pack ability has got to be better than lugging a big old metal filing cabinet about :lol: ... button-fix

Good load bearing qualities, ..make me quite excited (curiously, but NOT like that :roll: )