Tea (the drink) as a smoke transfer medium

Tea (the drink) as a smoke transfer medium

Postby GUS » Thu Apr 30, 2015 4:59 pm

Obviously I'm aware of smoked speciality teas being about, but as I was popping a few odds & sods on for the latest smoke I wondered how a regular old ((round)) teabag would fare to an hour smoke & a brew afterward.
1 teabag (strong Lancashire tea brand, just opened a few days back) in 1 mug (lazy tea) & milk ( 3-5 minutes steeping time as normal)

My first reaction is that the "fresh smoke" bore, obviously, the same kind of tannins to a cuppa, but strong & not sat for maturation, ..but not harsh, definitely pronounced & definitely fairly well pairing potential compared to tea tannins & whatnot.

I quite liked it, & it has left a smoke tang that marries well with a strong cuppa, but it did therefore make me wonder is tea (smoked or otherwise therefore) good as a "smokewash" liquid to add a presence of smoke to a joint of meat or similar that would otherwise not go near a rack & physical smoke?

Anyone tried / heard anything, in my unlearned opinion there might be something if cold stewed tea wash / soak (without milk) might up the smokey "perception" of meat, I was contemplating prepping some smoked ice-cubes / smokey water that I hear a certain welsh salt company is "flogging"

(yeah, I know :roll: )
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