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PostPosted: Sat Oct 13, 2012 8:10 pm
by SumpRat
frog wrote:Hi Sum prat,

Thanks for the suggestion.
However using the airing cupboard to smoke anything is gonna fail on 2 counts.
1. It will stink the house out and in all probability set off every smoke detector in the street.
2. It's far too warm in there to cold smoke anything safely.

I'm getting a good 10 to 12 hour burn in my home made smoker now but thanks again for the suggestion.

SteveW is right I was referring to your post;
"Posted: Tue Feb 07, 2012 6:00 am Post subject:
Thanks Ruralidle,
I've got the dust spread out in the airing cupboard so that should dry it out nicely."

Oh and it is spelt SumpRat you Ealing-born Welsh-living git :wink: :wink:

I have a FREE supply of fresh oak from a furniture carpenter friend but it appears to be too fresh and a little on the damp side :(

I'll work on drying it. :)

Plenty of spare if Frog would like some.

Re: Saw dust won't stay alight

PostPosted: Thu Jun 25, 2015 5:12 pm
by GUS
Ha-ha, having celotexed my immersion heater cupboard, there was a wee space that I think I may have to avail myself of, sawdust may have a permanent home!
..All this time the solution was staring me in the face. :roll: