UMAi Dry Bags work

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UMAi Dry Bags work

Postby ryankelley » Wed May 11, 2016 12:10 pm

If you're like me and don't have a good drying chamber, these bags might be your answer. I made an 8 pound pancetta over 5 far better results than I've had trying to dry it by hanging. I also made two filettos from pork tenderloin. I think it came out perfect...I lost 35% weight in about 2 weeks.

It's a lot better for me to be able to do this work in the refrigerator. I don't have to worry about botulism with the frig at 37 degrees. No white mold will form, but that's okay with me.

These bags are not cheap, but neither is wasting meat or buying quality professionally cured meats. My plan is to buy some acorn finished pork this fall. They want $4.40 per pound before butcher's cost. I feel a lot better about my chances for charcuterie success with these bags.
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Re: UMAi Dry Bags work

Postby efeist » Thu Nov 03, 2016 8:31 pm

This is my first post in a couple years...
But I've used 'em too, and I'm a big fan for making Lonzino (cured pork loin).
One dried out too fast (case hardened) and I just over-wrapped the Umai bag with a regular vacuum bag, and left it in the fridge a couple weeks... and the moisture trapped in the middle softened the case hardening. Then removed the vac bag, and let it dry down to the 30% I was looking for.

And no, they're not cheap! And I have a hard time getting my vacuum sealer to seal them...
But they DO work!
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