New Piezo Humidifer design

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New Piezo Humidifer design

Postby RodinBangkok » Sat Jul 15, 2017 12:13 pm

I thought I'd share this, as I just finished a small curing chamber for a commercial operation and came across a type of piezo humidifier that I thought would work well for a clean design in a chamber, especially if you have inspectors looking at the design aspects. The idea was to make a clean design that would be easily cleaned and also maintained without opening the chamber. The basis for the design is a bottle top humidifier module, similar to this one: ... B00GEAE32Q

The design is made such that it fits through the wall of the chamber such that the reservoirs and drain are on the outside, with only the tops of the generators protruding thru the stainless cover. The entire unit is made from stainless 1mm sheet, the bottles are 1 liter Gilbys gin bottles. Not shown are the tubes supporting the generators which are removable so the unit slides thru a rectangular hole in the chamber. I chose the gin bottles as they have a simple cubic design that was very easy to design a support for. The control box will activate both generators if the humidity is below 90% of set point, then only one for the last 10%.

Thought this may be of interest as you could make something similar with other materials in a home applicaton.

I chose the gin bottles as they are clear heavy glass, readily available and easily mounted without a lot of fancy support.
Click the thumbnail below for a better view:

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