Reber 5-8 Kg diagram & Prof Mincer instructions

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Reber 5-8 Kg diagram & Prof Mincer instructions

Postby Paul Kribs » Tue Feb 27, 2007 10:55 am

This may be of help, some of it was not quite accurate so I have updated it accordingly:

1 Aluminium Flange
2 Small Gear
3 Crank/Handle
4 Casing
5 Ring Nut
6 Set of Filling Tubes (a-b-c-d)
7 Stainless Steel Tube (Cylinder)
8 Large Gear
9 Buffer (front and rear)
10 Soft Gasket/Seal
11 Rack
12 Forward Motion Pin (slow)
13 Backward Motion Pin (fast)
14 Piston Securing Screw


Regards, Paul Kribs
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Postby saucisson » Wed Jan 14, 2009 11:06 am

Thanks again to Paul Kribs and Oddley:

Reber Professional Mincer instructions:

Paul Kribs wrote:As there have been a couple of enquiries regarding the Reber Professional Mincer instructions, I spent a bit of time converting the scanned instuctions kindly supplied by Oddley. They may be of benefit to some.

1. Electric Motor. 2. Reduction Gear Flange. 3. Small Gear. 4. Twin Gear. 5. Gear with Hub
5A. Reduction Gear Cap. 6. Reduction Gear Cover. 7. Cast Iron Casing. 8. Propeller. 9. Knife.
10. Plate. 11. Ring Nut. 12. Dish. 13. Pestle. 14. Reduction Gear Cover Oil Seal. 15. Base.

Using the Electric Meat Chopper

Before operating the machine, the user must remove the red cap (5A) from the reduction gear and replace it with the cap with bleed and seal, located in a bag hooked onto the plug cable, taking care that the bleed hole is turned upward; position the dish (12) onto the neck of the cast iron casing (7). On completing these steps the machine is ready for use.
The machine must definitely not be started without replacing the red cap with the bleeder cap. The geared motor is supplied as standard with the right amount of oil necessary for its proper operation. It is an oil of vegetable origin which is not subject to deterioration or consumption due to machine operation, and must NOT be replaced. Any topping up should only be done with �BIO ISO 85 Hydraulic Oil� if there has been any visible and substantial leakage. The reduction gear contains 100 grams of oil and any excess after topping up will be expelled from the bleed hole during operation.
To operate, the appliance must be connected to a power point that is always easily accessible during use; the appliance is equipped with a �1-0-11� switch, with positions of �OFF� (-0-), �Forward Movement� (-1-), �Reverse Speed� (-11-).
To turn on the machine for forward movement operation, the �1-0-11� switch should be pressed completely on position �-1-� ( the switch will stay in this position until a different position is manually selected). To switch off the operation, the �1-0-11� switch should be pressed and brought onto the �OFF� (-0-) position. To turn on the machine for reverse speed operation, the �1-0-11� switch should be pressed on position �-11-�. The machine will run at reverse speed while pressing on position �-11-�; by releasing the �1-0-11� push button, the machine will stop and the switch will be brought to the �OFF� (-0-) position.
If the propeller (8 ) jams during operation, you can try to release it by using the reverse speed; in this case it is not advisable to keep the switch pressed for a long time, to give several impulses instead to help it release.
Before taking any further action on the machine, put the switch onto the �OFF� (-0-) position and unplug from the power point.
If the plug cable deteriorates it will have to be replaced by a qualified technician exclusively with an approved cable type H05 VV-F, �HAR� approved with �RA� shaped pin in conformity wit DIN 49406 Part 2 standards. When the work is finished, to dismantle the meat chopper, turn the ring nut (11) anticlockwise; remove the knife (10), the plate (9) and the propeller (8 ). Remove the cast iron casing (7) from the reduction gear cover (6), then wash and carefully dry all the parts that have come into contact with the meat. Before replacing the appliance it is advisable to put the red cap back on in the place of the cap with the bleed.
�Reber� electric meat choppers are fitted for operation with plates having holes of the diameter from 3mm to 12mm. Reber snc decline all liability concerning damage or accidents deriving from using plates having holes of diameter greater than 12mm.
This meat mincer is for domestic use only.
Carefully screw the ring nut before using the machine. Never remove the ring nut during the functioning of the meat mincer.

Regards, Paul Kribs
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