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Postby raydon » Tue Oct 19, 2004 7:56 pm

Here is a page of recipes I found while searching round the web thought they might be of interest to some one the only problem is they are on the big side

The following recipes have been obtained from the largest and best sausage
factory of Copenhagen.

Use 25 pounds each of lean beef and pork, 12 lbs. of fat cut fine, and 8
lbs. of fat cut into small dice, 2 1/2 lbs. salt, 30 grams powdered saltpeter,
70 grams powdered sugar, 85 grams ground white pepper. Remove all sinews, then
chop the beef and pork together; when about half chopped, add the 12 lbs. of fat
and finish by chopping all fine, adding the seasonings toward the finish; then
work in thoroughly the 8 pounds of fat cut in small dice. When well mixed the
whole mass should be packed tightly in a wooden trough for 24 hours so as to
allow the saltpeter to effect its color and also render the mass more firm. The
meat is then placed into the sausage filler, and filled into beef casings AS
TIGHTLY AS POSSIBLE. The tighter the skin is filled, the better the sausage will
be for cutting when dried. When the casings are filled, they should be laid
in a pickling tub and lightly covered with coarse salt, place a board on top and
let them remain till the salt has turned into pickle, then lift them out and
hang in the air until ALL moisture has run off the. When dry, they should be
smoked in cold smoke until they are a rich dark brown in color. The sausage is
then ready for eating, and will keep for several months. Length, about 18 inches.

For this recipe, use 25 lbs. each of beef and pork, 12 1/2 pounds of pork fat cut
in small dice, 1 1/2 pounds of salt, 30 grams powdered saltpeter, 50 grams ground
white pepper, 50 grams powdered sugar, 13 grams each of ground ginger and
nutmeg. Remove all sinews, then chop the beef and pork together quite fine,
adding the seasonings towards the finish, then add the diced fat and thoroughly
mix. When mixed place in the filler and fill TIGHTLY into beef casings,
tying into 18 inch lengths; hang in the air for 24 hours, then smoke in very
warm smoke till the skins are brown; then boil them until the sausage is as
elastic as an indiarubber ball and will bounce if dropped on the table. This
is proof that the sausage is thoroughly cooked. When done, dry them and glaze
the skins.

For this recipe, use 21 pounds of beef, 12 pounds each of veal and pork and
5 pounds of porkfat cut into small dice, 1 1/4 pounds of salt, 30 grams powdered
saltpeter, 15 grams ground nutmeg, 20 grams each of ground cinnamon and
ginger, 60 grams ground white pepper, 4 garlic cloves and 4 small shallots finely
grated. First chop beef and veal together half fine, then add the pork and
finish chopping till fine, adding the seasonings towards the finish; then
thoroughly work in the pork fat cut in small dice. Place the meat in the sausage
filler and fill into hog casings, tying in 6 inch lengths, meat NOT to be
filled too tightly. When filled, hang to dry for a day and smoke in warm smoke.
Boil for eating hot or cold.

For this recipe, use 25 pounds of pork, 12 pounds of veal, 12 pounds of pork
fat, 20 oz. salt, 30 grams powdered saltpeter, 30 grams ground coriander, 50
grams powdered sugar, 60 grams ground white pepper, 2 garlic cloves and 4
shallots grated fine. Use only the best meat and CAREFULLY remove all sinews.
Mince the pork and veal together first then mince the fat, then thoroughly mix
all together, adding the seasonings. Place into the sausage filler and fill
into sheep or lamb casings, tying into 5 inch links. Let them hang for 24
hours, then smoke in warm smoke until of a bright brown color; boil 5 to 8
minutes when they are ready for the table.

For this recipe, use 1 large pig's liver, 10 pounds of veal (from the neck), 10
pounds of belly of pork, 8 pounds of pork ft, 3 pounds of salt, 40 grams
powdered thyme, 50 grams each of ground nutmeg and ginger, 60 grams of
powdered marjoram, 140 grams of ground white pepper, 5 pounds of lean pork, 4
small onions in winter (NONE in summer, as they easily cause acidity).
Remove sinews and gristle from the pork and veal, boil them and mince together.
The fat to be cut into small dice, the liver to be skinned, and the thick veins
removed and to be boiled in the boiling broth for 5 minutes; then chop it a
little, add a little salt, and mince quite fine. Now throw the minced veal
and pork, diced fat and liver into the mixer along with the five pounds of
mince RAW lean pork, add the spices and a cupful of the fat and water from the
broth and mix altogether thoroughly. Place the meat into the sausage filler
and fill into hog casings NOT too tight, tying into 18 inch lengths. Then
boil the sausage in boiling water 20 minutes, take up, wash them and lay them
on a table to cool. They are then ready for the table, cut in slices cold.
Are also used fried in slices warm. This sausage can be smoked in cold smoke
in winter and keeps well.

10 pounds of pigs' flare, 3 or 4 pigs livers according to size, 4 to 5 pounds
of minced lean pork, 10 eggs, 6 to 12 anchovies according to size. Add
pepper, salt, nutmeg and cinnamon to season according to taste. Fill into beef
casings, boil 2 hours. These are well liked by most people.

Take 20 pounds of flank of beef freed from skin and bones, cut it up into inch
pieces and mix thoroughly into it 10 oz. of salt, 4 oz. pepper, 1/2 ounce of
ground nutmeg, and 2 oz. of rubbed sage, then mince through the machine;
meanwhile soak 4 loaves of bread (8 pounds), squeeze it dry and amalgamate
with the meat, then add DRY, three pounds of sifted cracker meal; then place
the whole into the sausage filler and fill into sheep casings, link them;
then separate the links, arrange in baking pan, and bake till done and
brown, about 15 minutes.

Use lean fresh meat, trimmings and cheek meat. Chop together very fine;
while chopping add spices and seasoning, and from 25 to 30 oz. of salt to every
100 pounds of meat. To every 100 pounds of beef add 5 pounds of pure fat,
either fresh or salted pork. When the beef is nearly chopped add from 1 to
1 1/2 pounds of farina and sufficient water to suit; mix thoroughly.
Stuff into beef middle casings. Tie the ends together into rings 24 inches long.
Smoke with hickory wood and hickory sawdust, remove when well colored, cook
in boiling water. When the bologna is sufficiently cooked it will rise to
the top. Pepper and coriander are the spices used for bologna.

For every block of 50 pounds take 28 pounds of lean pork, 10 pounds of
lean beef freed from sinews, 12 pounds of bacon fat cut in shreds, 2
pounds of salt, 3 oz. of coarse ground white pepper, 1 oz. of powdered
saltpeter, 2 1/2 oz. of powdered sugar. First mince the beef very fine,
then add the pork and mince and mix the two together till the pork is about
the size of peas; then add the pork fat which must be mixed until it shows amongst
the rest in pieces the size of beans; then add the mixed spices and salt,
mixing well. After a thorough mixing, place into the filler and stuff tightly
into small middle beef casings. They must now be hung in a well ventilated room
of 60 degrees temperature for 2 weeks until they begin to look red under the
skins; then smoke them in cold dry smoke until they take on a cherry red color;
then keep in a well aired room.

This makes a nice breakfast sausage: Take 12 pounds of lean and 6 pounds of fat
pork, cut it into small pieces and rub well into it 9 ounces of prepared sausage
seasoning, pass through the mincing machine, then mix into it 3 pounds of scalded
rice, 2 pounds of cracker meal. Place the whole then into the filler, fill
into sheep casings, link up and use.

23 pounds of lean beef, 7 pounds of pork fat, 8 pounds of bread, soaked and
pressed dry, 4 oz. of white pepper, 13 oz. of salt, 1/4 of an ounce each of
ground nutmeg and ginger, 1/4 of an ounce of rubbed marjoram. Mix the seasonings
with the meat, mince fine, then work in the bread; place into the filler, fill into
sheep casings, link them and use by frying and broiling.

9 pounds of veal, 36 pounds of lean pork and 5 pounds of fat pork. Chop
finely, adding a seasoning of 1 pound of salt, 6 oz. white pepper and one head of
garlic; when ready place in the filler and fill into sheep casings, linking
them at about 4 to the pound. Smoke for 48 hours, boil for 5 minutes before
serving plain or with sauerkraut, etc.

To every two hog's livers add one calves liver; cut in thin slices. Scald
well with hot water until the livers look white and clean. Chop well, adding one
eighth the amount of pure pork fat, boiling the fat for 1/2 hour before mixing.
Mix and chop together very fine, adding 4 oz. of fat pork to every 5 pounds
of the balance. Then boil for 1/2 hour, adding the following spices to each
100 pounds: 7 oz. salt, 2 oz. pepper, 1 oz. ground marjoram, 1/2 oz. each of ground
sage, basil and thyme, 2 minced onions and a small head of garlic. Stuff
from stuffer into narrow hog casings 13 to 18 inches long (not filling very
full) tying the ends with twine. When filled and tied, they are cooked in water
just below the boiling point for 30 minutes (to give the white appearance)
continually stirring them. Care must be taken to prick the air pockets or
they will fill with fat. After cooling, hang for 3 days in the open air, then
smoke for 6 days over a slow fire.

Take 25 pounds of pork, 2/3 lean and 1/3 fat, which has been salted for a
few days with 1 pound salt and a little sugar. Grate finely 3 large cloves of
garlic, salt them, stir in amongst them a quart of water. Then add the meat
which has been chopped into dice size. Now add 1 1/2 oz. pepper, 1/2 oz. grated
nutmeg. Mix well and put into narrow pig skins very full. When filled, tie
into 15 inch lengths; hang to dry for a day; then smoke them with beech wood at
a heat of 133F and let them hang till they are thoroughly cooked inside merely
with the hot smoking.

Take 15 pounds of lean and 6 pounds of fat pork, cut it up into 2 inch pieces
and mix it with 14 oz. of pork sausage seasoning; chop together fine, or run
through meat cutting machine with a fine plate; then thoroughly incorporate
with it 3 pounds of crumb bread soaked and pressed. When mixed, further work in
1 pound of sifted cracker dust. Place the mass then into the sausage filler,
and run into pig casings, linking them at 6 to the pound.

Take 15 pounds lean and fat pork and pork trimmings, cut it up into 2 inch
pieces and mix it with 11 oz. or pork sausage seasoning; chop fine, then
thoroughly incorporate with it 4 pounds of crumb bread soaked and pressed. When
mixed, further work in 4 pounds of sifted cracker dust, adding cold water to
it as it becomes too stiff. When of the proper sausage consistency,
place into the filler, and fill into pork casings, linking them 6 to the pound.

Thoroughly mix together, then keep in tight covered tins, 9 pounds table
salt, 6 pounds pure ground white pepper, 1/2 pound each of ground mace, ground
nutmeg, and rubbed sage leaves, 1 ounce each of ground cloves, ginger and
rubbed basil, and 1/2 oz. of cayenne pepper.

Use 50 pounds of beef free from fiber, 25 pounds each of lean and fat pork,
chop very fine and add 18 1/2 oz. of salt, 4 1/2 oz. ground white pepper, 1 1/2
oz. ground saltpeter, with 8 glasses of Rhine wine, in which previously has
been soaked one pound of garlic. Stuff into calf's bladders. Let them hang
in the open air for 2 or 3 weeks, then smoke for 12 days.

Take 60 pounds of lean pork, 14 pounds of lean beef, and 26 pounds of fat
pork. Chop very fine, then add 1 pound of salt, 5 1/2 oz. ground pepper, 1 1/2
oz. ground saltpeter, 2 1/2 oz. whole caraway seeds, a small quantity of
grated garlic. Stuff in beef rounds or hog casings. Hang in the air for 8 days,
then smoke for 6 days, they may then be preserved in a cool dry place.

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Postby Oddley » Wed Oct 20, 2004 5:07 pm

Thanks for the recipies. if need be they can always be scaled down. The site you got these from also has some good recipes for preserves etc.

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