Porkert PP88 Stuffer

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Porkert PP88 Stuffer

Postby J.P. » Mon Nov 28, 2005 3:34 pm

Got one of these recently, not used it yet, and been cleaning it up,
and noted that the small barrel thingy called the 'distance sleeve'
that goes through the hand lever and holds the Pusher in place doesn't go right through.

Everything holds together and works ok,
but it's just a bit of a 'concern' and was wondering
if anyone else has had this problem? (And whether it'll get better as it gets used and the metal eases into place) And whether it's worth sending back for a replacement (if it all holds together, I'd rather not, it's a pain in the tuchus repacking everything, especially now everything's been cleaned up.), or replacement spare parts...?
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