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Life and it's twists and turns

Postby ahm Fae glasgow » Wed Apr 10, 2019 4:10 pm

Hi all,

I just spent a rather lengthy time reading a post that was made by Brican and some others on a post called "quest for real bacon' I haven't read such an interesting post about old ways of doing things and what some have done for others in their lifetime. i don't mean to ramble but it shows the capacity that some have for sharing their wealth of knowledge and the extremes they go to in producing quality product.. while reading it some of the things mentioned took me back to thoughts of my youth and what I have missed out on.

Here I go, I was at age 15 given the opportunity to work under a very very highly respected Chef ( who's name I can't recall now ) It was offered to my Mother who worked there by the manager, his name was Crozier Sp? The Hotel was the Grosvner in Glasgow. I jumped at the opportunity as it was something I seriously wanted to pursue. Alas only days later a fire broke out and the dream was shattered. My career opportunity vanished and the Chef left for Europe. Throughout my life I have cooked meals without thinking or training and always been trying to discover what was missing in my life.

Thanks to everyone for their patience if you have read this far. I now want to thank all of the Older guy's who contribute to this forum and share their knowledge. This new/old fascination has absolutely been the best thing I could have embarked on at age 62. I look forward to new and interesting conversations and reading in the future.
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